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English Day 2016 - Santa Coloma de Farners

Hello I’m Alex. 
Today (28th of April) the 6th grade class went to the English day in Santa Coloma de Farners, we left at 9 o’clock from Maxi Dia. 
We arrived around 9:30 and then we sat on the chairs and the monitors talked to us. 
Then we went into our groups. I went to the basketball court and played: Tic Tac Toe and “Cau” and I won. Later I went to Karaoke and listened to the girls of my class singing Stole the show. The final games were: search the words, true or false and hangman. After we had lunch and listened to the winners of the karaoke activity. 
The girls of my class were in 3rd place, but sadly didn’t win a prize. 
During lunch we got a bag of treats and then went to the theatre. 

We saw a play about three teenagers who have an interesting day at school. The characters were called Polly, Peter and Paul also known as “MR COOL”. 
In the end Polly and Peter kissed and the whole theatre was cheering. After we went to the bus with a school from Amer and travelled back to Anglès. 
Some girls from Amer school said that I was very handsome! When we left the bus the girls blew me kisses. 
The English Day was very interesting and we had a lot of fun.


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