dimecres, 4 de maig de 2011

English Day

The english Day is a day we only speak English. We go to Sta Coloma de Farners and participate in lots of activities.
This year we went there on April 29th.
Èric, Estel, Mohamed, Raül

The karaoke was the first activity. It was impressive. Everyo
ne could sing so there were a lot of singers.
We sang: We are the champions, Waka waka, Play my music...
David, Pol, Sandra, Xavier

There were lots of workshops. the funniest were: "switch, twister, Simon says, who is who"... Each school has preparated different workshops all long the school year and, in The English Day, ever
ybody could make lots of activities. We enjoyed a lot all day.

Alba, Christian, Gregori, Natàlia, Moussa
Pretty Ritty
The Pretty Ritty play was about a beautiful rat It was funny but a little short.
The actors and actresses were from the different schools that participated in The English Day. We enjoyed the play a lot!!!
Joan, Joel A, Joel C, Lídia
In the afternoon we watched a theatre play
In the afternoon we watched a theatre play in the "Teatre Catalunya" called Serendipity. It was about schoolchildren.
Tom was the main character He didn't study very much. He was lazy. Tom loved Liz. Liz was a good student. One day Tom recived a watch and he travelled through the history...
Èric, Estel, Mohamed, Raül

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