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The Nativity of FEDAC Anglès


During the weekend of the 17th and the 18th of December, the students, neighbours, families and teachers from Anglès, mostly of them with a FEDAC Anglès connection, have participated in the Nativity. 

Everything started 30 years ago in Can Ciscot. However, two years ago, we decided to do the Nativity around the village. There are a lot of people who participate in it and we also get a lot of visitors. 

We divide the village into different parts that are the ones of the Nativity, for example: Bethlem, the Nativity, the ancient works, the fishing, the merchants, the farmers... and a lot of interesting places

On Saturday the 17th we started preparing the Nativity and we gathered all together to eat lunch. The day after, Sunday the 18th,  we finished the last things (while the smallest ones had the chance to play...). In the afternoon the show started!!! At 5 o'clock we meet in the school to dress up and go to the places we needed to go and at 6 o'clock it started. 

The entrance was in la Aliança, were you found the students of 1st Grade who were the merchants. Following the path, you could find the 5th grade students, who were sewing or doing different tasks. Later, you found the 6th grade students. They were romans and blacksmiths. Then you walked down and you found a big house and a mountain. The students of 3rd grade and the smallest of the school were there, but also sheep and horses! Finally, 4th grade were in "La Carbonera". When you got to  the end of the Nativity you could find the Maria Virgin, Joseph and Jesus Christ, this was the part of 2nd Grade. 

But... Don't forget about the Three Wise Men and the Caganer!!! 

We really enjoyed participating in the Nativity. It was very funny and entertaining! Thank you very much for the ones that made it possible. As students of 6th grade we really hope to participate more years!

Written by Francesc Moreno and Laia Ruiz, students of 6th Grade. 

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